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About Rocky’s Battery

Since 1965, Rocky’s Battery has provided the communities around Edmonton with battery and solar power system products. Rocky’s is locally owned and operated by Robin Roberts who was born and raised in Edmonton. As a shop that has remained operating locally, we have been happy to help our surrounding communities that we have come from and still strongly feel a part of. 

At Rocky’s, we want to make sure that our communities’ vehicles keep on running, so we offer our expert staff’s knowledge of batteries and solar power system products that come from over 40 years of experience. Whenever there’s a hint that their vehicle might stop, they can come to us for expertise, high-quality batteries that we select from some of the best manufacturers, or for just as high-quality solar power system products.

As we are approved by the Alberta Motor Association, our communities can rest assured that we know what batteries are best for their vehicles.

If you need batteries or solar power for your vehicle, call us.

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